About Time …

In the life of a rose, I’ve lived and died 100 times

You’ve watched me open, bloom, wilt, rot

And start over (start over)

You watch me again, and again, and again, and again

And each time

My time, measured in light, final breaths, finding, losing

Time, giving so much

And then taking everything away

And I wonder this time, next year, what will it look like?

With my guesses so often, so wrong

I wonder what beginning, what end waits for me

Will I have accepted the things that I cannot change?

And will I have changed the things I cannot accept?

This time, next time, about time.


2K Hits.

To all those people who have made this blog worth writing, my followers, commenters, likers, and viewers and even the haters and bashers a big thank you as it reached 2K hits!

“I love to write. I don’t know if I’m a good writer. (laughing)

but I love the act of putting my thoughts down and sharing them.”

This is a huge milestone. When I started this new page I never thought I come this far. I only got 2 things on my lips now, silence and smile.

Your support & love keeps me going. Thank you for sharing my post too.

Keep spreading love!

No Facebook No Distractions

A Facebook Sober Post Part II
I deactivated my FB account. It’s been more than a month and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Once you get over the incessant yet unnecessary itch to find out what others are up to, it feels great. This may take a day for some, a few weeks for others, because after all, Facebook can be an addiction and there will be a withdrawal period to some extent.

Now, I spend zero time scrolling through my newsfeed, zero energy saturating my mind with photos and updates of people in my personal and cyber circles. I just want to feel the change without using Facebook for a while, it is good to some extend to stay away from virtual BS.

Living a life with no clue what is happening around the people I know,

and yes nobody have any clue about my life,except the people I have on my circles (That’s what i really wanted to be, completely a unknown, living this life peacefully).

Life is more beautiful and peaceful with so much of silence really !

With a smile. 😁

My Reasons :📌

  • I realized that Facebook is just a black hole where your time goes.
  • I found it to be a heaving pit of narcissistic wannabes.
  • Flooded severe amount of drama
  • People are way too dramatic, and everyone is always fighting.
  • I was intensely bullied online. The same crap over and over.
  • I just can’t stand how naive and stupid people are anymore.
  • I realized that I not only wasn’t really interested in what anyone was posting, but also that they actively irritated me.

People are still shocked when I say I’m not on Facebook though. As a social butterfly it’s almost unheard of.

I love not having Facebook. I can envision myself living FB-free for a long time to come.

Aside from from feeling less stress and more relaxed, it’s great to be absolved of the responsibility of knowing anything that’s posted there.

Now, when friends or family start gossiping and talking trash about some bullshit drama, I just say, ‘oh I don’t have a Facebook.’



“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

— Marcus Aurelius

People will talk. They always have. And they always will. No matter what you do or say, how you behave, the way you walk or dress, how you act, or the decisions you make, will always be scrutinized by others.

But it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. It doesn’t matter what other people say about you behind your back. Their opinions have no basis in defining what you’re all about. They aren’t the truth. They have no purpose other than to hurt or harm you. There is no rhyme or reason beyond making the other person feel superior to you in some way or another.

But this isn’t something new. Other people have always had an opinion.

Just because someone is different from you, doesn’t make them inferior. No one is better than you no matter what.

Still, it’s hard to not get disheartened when others hurl intentionally-hurtful opinions at you. It’s easy to think in your mind that those opinions don’t matter and don’t define you as a human being, but it’s harder to put in practice. It’s hard to suppress your emotions when people are doing their best just to get you going.

It’s important to take the high road. It’s important to turn the other cheek and look the other way. Not only for your own sanity, but for the simple fact that you shouldn’t give others the pleasure of insulting you. You shouldn’t allow their negativity to stir you into a fury. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Not at all. As long as you’re doing the right thing and you’re interested in creating value and contributing to the world, you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks or says.

— People will always find someone to talk about. Throughout history, people have always found someone to talk about. They’ve ganged up on those they perceived as different, or in some way a threat to their own existence.

We don’t live in a perfect world where everyone is the same, with the same set of upbringings.

— Your self-worth isn’t defined by an approval rating. No matter what the naysayers and the purveyors of negativity around you might say, your self-worth isn’t defined by an approval rating. There’s no objective rating scale that allows another person to judge you. They don’t know what you’ve been through. They don’t know your story, your trials, or the path you’ve walked through.

The point is that you have to do what’s right for you, and not base that decision on what other people think about you or what you’re doing. Nobody is perfect. Nobody has the right to declare you unfit or unworthy of something just because of a flaw or because you’re different than others. As long as you’re doing the right things in this world with the right motivations, it doesn’t matter what other people’s opinions are of you.

Don’t get sucked into negative thinking and people’s poor opinions of you. It doesn’t matter. Take the high road. Ignore the naysayers. Turn the other cheek no matter how much it burns you or hurts you inside to do so.

Keep light of the fact that many before you were judged, and many after you will continue to be judged.

It’s literally impossible to please everyone. No matter what decision you make, someone is going to be upset.

Don’t allow it to upset you. Don’t allow it to phase you. Forget what they think. Seriously, forget it.

Judging A Judgemental

This is not aimed at anyone in particular, just life in general.

I have to say it is really getting on my nerves now, just how many people think they know you well and feel they have the God given right to pass judgement on others lives in a snap and having no facts whatsoever!

Judging people instantly without knowing them properly is totally wrong.

Its sad to know that even well-educated people judge others without knowing anything. People should be a little broadminded and not judge a person immediately, instead should try to understand the person and their situation .

You really do not know what goes on in other people’s lives. When we see others out in public, we don’t know a single thing about them. We may think we do, but we sure don’t. We just do not know, so why are we so quick to judge?

We are so quick to judge because it is what we do best. We place ourselves or sometimes others on a pedestal and either think more or less of others based on what we see on the outside. We think we are good at it, but in fact, we definitely aren’t. We often think we know everything, when really we know little to nothing.

Matthew 7: 1-3 says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”


Why not take a look at yourself instead of spending so much time looking at others. We can easily call out others or point out their flaws, but we can’t do that to ourselves. This verse is so powerful and gives you a different perspective on judging.

Every judgment that you pass reflects a part of yourself.


The next time you are quick to judge, try talking to God about it and have him help you with this. It is very hard to tell yourself not to judge and follow through with it, that is why it is imperative to talk to God about it. Take a look into your own life the next time you feel the need to judge someone else.

No matter how you are people are going to judge you, let them judge .

When people judge you, it is less about you and more about them. So dont let their judgement affect you They’re just words, empty actions, background noise.

Dont feel sad about it. Just ignore them, stay strong and be your best.

Dear Judgemental Person,

Go ahead. Judge me. But you still don’t know me!

The ultimate judge is God, not YOU!

I am trying really hard not to judge you for what you said about me. I know that judging you for being judgmental of me, is a waste of my time & not my interest.

If there is one piece of advice I do want to say to a judgmental find a better way to be happy.

Because if you are constantly worrying about what I am doing in my life and how it is different from yours then you are obviously not happy living your own.

Try to find peace in your head where you can hold two opposing thoughts in it and be humble about it. Instead of wondering why people are different and hating them for it, maybe you should focus on your own life and maybe change the hate into happiness within yourself.

To The Person Who Never Believe That I Could Be Better

By: Tiffany Sun
I remember the look you gave me.It was cold, unforgiving, and full of doubt.
You didn’t believe I was anything.
You didn’t believe I could do anything.
And so you treated me as if I was beneath you, someone who wasn’t even worth a glimpse of your attention. I remember it all, even when my mind hadn’t yet discovered who I was or what I was capable of at the time. I knew I had been sheltered in the past, kept away from understanding the world as you saw it, but yet, even in my attempts to understanding you and the things I had wanted to learn, you simply brushed me aside as if I was nothing more than a piece of trash on the ground.You didn’t believe I was capable of anything good, just because I wasn’t at your ‘level’.
So I told myself: Watch, I’ll prove you wrong.
It was during this self-discovery phase in my life when I’d broken away from every piece of my old self. It was terrifying, awful and most of the time, I was in tears. I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether or not this would’ve helped me become the person I’d wanted to be. All I knew was that it’s better to do something than nothing.
Eventually as the years passed, I began to think for myself more. I began to step into places I’d never been to. I even began questioning everything that ever happened to me and why it didn’t make sense.
And as I kept learning and figuring myself out, you stayed the same.You were so caught up with looking down on people that you forgot to realize your own potential. And I’m sad you can’t see that.
I wish I could help, but this is something you have to learn on your own.
Maybe then, you’ll realize the kind of person you were and the person I am today.
But when that time comes, will I still be the same person I was today?

Never Settle For Less

We live in a world that works tirelessly to convince you that you are something less.

Sometimes we accept less than we deserve, less than we desire,  because we fear we won’t find anything better.

Please. Don’t settle in this life. Don’t just settle through the days and years of your life. Don’t let boredom or regret get the best of you. Don’t allow yourself to give into just a mediocre life. I know it’s easy; it’s simple to settle. It’s simple to stop trying, especially when things get hard. Settling can feel safe. I get that. But safe doesn’t always mean happy. Choose to do more with your life than just live. Give yourself permission to be more than just okay, and don’t be afraid to lose the good for the great.

Everyone deserves a person who loves them unconditionally, even at their worst. A person who wants to see them smile and laugh. Who will listen to their complaints.Who will laugh at even the corniest jokes.

If you aren’t being treated like you are amazing and worthy, something is wrong. If you’re with someone who doesn’t see this in you, you are settling for less than you deserve. And you should stop.

Love is supposed to be magical. Love is supposed to better you; it should lift you higher. So don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary, genuine love. Don’t chase after someone that stops chasing after you. Don’t try to convince someone to love you; you deserve so much more than this. Don’t settle for someone simply because he is right in front of you; because he is there. That’s never a reason to share your heart with someone. Don’t settle for attraction when the conversations aren’t deep, and don’t give into seduction when there’s no real life connection.

You matter. You’re wonderful. Make sure you’re with somebody who treats you well, even in conflict. You wants the best for you, no matter what. And make sure you are this kind of partner as well.

You deserve to have it all – love, respect, peace. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Surround yourself with what brings out that sparkle in you.

You truly should never feel like you have to surrender yourself to mediocre love when there is so much more for you out there. You deserve more.

So hold out and be patient; say no to the ones who don’t move you.

Not settling means making the most of this life. So make the most of every opportunity you see. Make the most of the moments you feel at peace. Make the most of the moments you feel yourself changing and growing. Make the most of the times in which you feel the most alive. Make the most of the people you love, and most of all, make the most of yourself.